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Solutions - Case Study

mConfirm deployed the first version of the system at Visa CAL, one of Israel's largest credit card companies, with results that exceeded expectations. The systemís stand alone results outperformed Visa's risk management requirements for successful operation, offering a combined performance model of mConfirmís system together with Visaís existing solutions that has shown a great surge in overall fraud detection and prevention abilities.

This is where we could elaborate on what Visa was already using, and describe more potently how mConfirm's solution melded with their method, and brought it to a new level.

The systemís learning capabilities have proven to be very effective, successfully overcoming inherent problems in the location authentication procedure such as merchant address inconsistencies and multiple merchant locations. The system has been able to achieve a high location match rate, even for merchants whose location was difficult to verify. This indicates the systemís ability to learn new merchantís locations automatically without depending on manual updates Ė and represents a key tool in identity authentication processes, more accurate alerts and another contribution to the overall struggle against fraud.

For Visa CAL, the mConfirm solution fulfilled its promise of heightened fraud detection and reduction of false alerts emanating from a complex array of risk management systems on site.

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