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Solutions - Overview

mConfirm is committed to protecting payment card issuers from fraudulent use of cards. Combining two unique methodologies, mConfirm offers an advanced authentication method and location-based analysis (LBA) processes, to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

The authentication method is implemented based on the cellular authentication concept, which relies on the cellular carriers’ location-based services (LBS)(See “Authentication concept”). The location-based analysis (LBA) functionality (See “Location Based Analysis”) incorporates a vast set of patent-pending algorithms and analysis procedures that converge into a powerful, real-time, fraud detection tool. The LBA does not rely on cellular location-based services.

The authentication and LBA solutions are highly effective when combined; each solution enhancing the other’s learning capabilities and overall performance.

mConfirm’s solutions are very effective as a stand-alone system, but can also successfully enhance existing systems to maximize the customer’s total investment in fraud detection solutions. Our system is transparent to both card holders and merchants, and requires no changes in existing authorization procedures or the purchasing experience.

mConfirm’s solutions are:
  • Innovative, offering a new dimension in fraud prevention: location-based analysis
  • Secure
  • Real-time based
  • Reliable
  • Infrastructure-independent
  • Transparent to merchants and card holders
  • Easy to deploy
  • Focused on (POS) point-of-sale and ATM transactions

System Diagram:

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