Pinglu Ruiyuan Heat Supply Co., Ltd.

The Pinglu Ruiyuan Heat Supply Project enjoys joint investment of nearly CNY 500,000,000 from Cooltech Power and Shanxi Zhiguang Qingyuan Energy Saving Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangzhou Zhiguang Energy Saving Co., Ltd.

After the project reaches the design capacity, it will realize central heating covering about 4 million square meters in Pinglu County, power supply of 170,000,000 kWh and steam supply of 480,000 tons to surrounding industrial customers. The Pinglu Ruiyuan Cogeneration Project not only saves energy and improves the environment, but also helps improve the service function of Yuncheng city for economic and social development. More than meeting the urgent requirements of local residents for heating, the project contributes to regional economic development. As a major livelihood project, it can greatly improve the residents’ quality of life and living standards. As an infrastructure project beneficial to the development of the economy and production capacity, it will make a big contribution to promoting coordinated development of the county's social economy and resources and environment.

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