mConfirm - Fraud Management Solutions

Fraud Management Solutions   for Credit Card Issuers

mConfirm is a leading developer of fraud prevention solutions for credit and debit cards. mConfirm’s focus is on location-based solutions aimed at combating point of sale (POS) and ATM fraud.

Using a combination of patent-pending technologies and advanced algorithms, mConfirm’s solutions analyze credit card transactions in real time to prevent fraud and reduce false alert rates, helping card issuers save millions of dollars in fraud losses and risk management costs.

mConfirm's innovative solutions can operate both as a stand-alone system and as a complementary performance-enhancer for existing systems.

“mConfirm’s system has the ability to cut down fraud-related costs substantially. The system has the capability to produce alerts based on previously unaddressed criteria, as well as to boost performance of formerly deployed solutions.”

– Baruch Alfia, VP Risk Management and Authorization, I.C.C- Israel Credit Cards.

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